Once a saint said to the God, “Oh lord! Please don’t put me to test!!!” The almighty replied, “Dear child, don’t be afraid. A test saps the energies of a person, generates mental agony and makes him capable of thinking in a proper and logical manner.”

Examinees shudder at the mere thought of “EXAMINATION” as it is preceded by the fear of failure making them depressed. Evil dreams of failure and shortcomings haunts the students and the dose of admonition by parents, disturb them to the core.

Examinations are like fever which should not be considered as true test of one’s knowledge. Cramming and delivering to score good marks does not ensure one’s bright future. Yet, examination is an access to understand one’s ability and areas of expertise.

Initially, exams were considered as a feast wherein students used to enjoy it as that was the key to the next level. But today, extreme pressure from parents, peer competition, unending fight for marks, placement etc has turned its nature upside – down. It’s no more a feast but a demon haunting the students every now and then.

“I FAILED in some subjects in exam,
But my friend PASSED in all.
Now he is an engineer at Microsoft,


One does not need to get dishearten while preparing for exams because no one knows now what your tomorrow will bring you. Be the Eagle who is focused on its prey, be in any condition.

“All Birds find shelter during a rain,
But Eagle avoids rain by
Flying above the clouds.”

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Azad

We can conclude that Examination is a painful experience for every student but right approach and disciplined schedule will always help to overcome the so called “EXAMINATION FEVER.”

Therefore, We are here to discuss some quick tips and tricks to overcome exam fears.

  • Give yourself a moment, take a deep breath and gather your thoughts.
  • The time you lost won’t turn – over, instead trust yourself and stay positive and calm.
  • Avoid unnecessary pressure, talk about your fears with your parents/ teachers.
  • Parent – teacher counselling can be really fruitful.
  • Dear parents, please stop nagging around your child and pressurizing him/her.
  • Eat healthy, sleep well, avoid distractions.
  • Love, Accept, Believe & Trust in yourself.
  • Don’t panic, just focus. It’s not the first time you are appearing in an exam.
  • Parents, please pat and hug your children. Ensure them that you are there for them in all walks of life.
  • Have an amicable environment at home.
  • Students, you need to organise yourself to avoid last minute chaos.
  • All your exam related stuff like hall ticket, compass box, stationery box etc. should be in order.
  • Avoid discussing Questions/Answers before and after the exam.
  • You are a winner and will bloom with flying colours.


Public Relation officer
Jyotiswarmin Welfare Society

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February 22, 2022

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Once a saint said to the God, “Oh lord! Please don’t put me to test!!!” The almighty replied, “Dear child, don’t be afraid. A test

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