The power of education extends beyond textbooks and classrooms. It lies in the ability to equip young minds with essential life skills, enabling them to navigate the challenges that lie ahead. On October 20, 2023, an inspiring Soft Skills Training Program was held at Govt. Primary School, Majra, Dehradun, a day that will be remembered for its commitment to empowering the future generation.

This impactful event was made possible through the combined efforts of five commendable organizations: Jyotiswarnim Welfare Educational Society, The Elite Educational Welfare Society, Enroll Me Now, Ausskill International Hotel School, and Alien Paradox Technologies LLP. With a collective mission to impart invaluable soft skills to the students, these organizations joined forces, and their dedication shone brightly throughout the program.

Guiding the way was the experienced and visionary Chief Managing Director of Alien Paradox Technologies LLP, Mr. Vivek Kumar Sharma. With his guidance, the event took on a whole new dimension. His expertise and passion for education, paired with a practical approach to problem-solving, left an indelible mark on every participant.

The focus of the day was not just about theoretical knowledge but rather on providing students with the practical tools and skills they need to navigate the complexities of life. The students who attended the program were the real heroes of the day, and their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn were truly inspiring.

Here are some of the key highlights and takeaways from this remarkable event:

*1. Problem-Solving Skills:* The program emphasized the development of critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Students learned how to analyze issues from various angles and craft effective solutions. This crucial skill will empower them to tackle real-world problems with confidence.

*2. Communication Skills:* Effective communication is a cornerstone of success. The students were taught how to express their thoughts and ideas clearly and confidently. This skill is not only vital in the academic context but will serve them well in their personal and professional lives.

*3. Teamwork and Collaboration:* In an era where collaboration is paramount, the program encouraged students to work together, fostering teamwork and collaboration. These are skills that will be invaluable as they progress through their educational journey and into their future careers.

*4. Innovation and Creativity:* Nurturing innovation and creativity is essential for preparing students for the dynamic challenges of the modern world. The event inspired students to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to problems.

*5. Life-Long Skills:* Soft skills are not just academic; they are life skills. The students left the program with newfound confidence and a robust skill set that will be an asset in their personal and professional lives.

This Soft Skills Training Program was a testament to the belief that education goes far beyond academic knowledge. It equips students with the skills and mindset needed to thrive in a rapidly changing world. The dedication and commitment of the participating organizations, under the mentorship of Mr. Vivek Kumar Sharma, are a shining example of the positive impact that can be achieved when like-minded individuals and organizations come together for a common cause.

We salute all the organizers, mentors, and, most importantly, the young, eager minds who are now better equipped to face the world with confidence and competence. This program was a stepping stone for these students, paving the way for a brighter future.

In the words of Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” The Soft Skills Training Program at Govt. Primary School, Majra, Dehradun, embodied this sentiment, preparing our youth to change the world for the better.

ज्योतिस्वर्णिम वेलफेयर सोसायटी


Oct 20, 2023 @ 10:00 am 
Oct 20, 2023 @ 5:00 pm


0135 – 3503290


Govt. Primary School, Majra, Dehradun