The daily challenges of working women

God said that he cannot be everywhere for us therefore, he created ‘Mother’. The most humble, magnanimous, epitope of love and courageous living being is a mother. Not to mention what great pains and sacrifices she goes through. But are we worth her love? Are we as a child or as a family, doing our part, playing our best role in her life?

Above all, how far we as kids and the family supporting our mothers, especially working women?

“Oh no! It’s already 6 a.m. I am late today”, sighed Nidhi. She had to get ready early to enter the kitchen, prepare breakfast for all, send kids to school and husband to work. Her in-laws were at the brim of their age. Yet, she had to take good care of them. Above all, she herself worked in J. P. Morgan. She woke up both Kajal and Aarav simultaneously and got them ready for school. Saurabh was also ready for his office. Among all the morning hustle – n – bustle, everything fall into place and everyone went to work and school leaving the two elders with Rajni, the house help.

It was a fine day and Nidhi was lined up with back – to – back meetings and presentations. She did not have heed of the hour and it was lunch time when suddenly the phone rang. She sprung from her chair not paying attention and realised it was a call from home. Kajal had called up to ask for her favorites in lunch which Rajni had arranged before hand but Kajal was not satisfied. Still, Nidhi instructed Rajini and went back to work.

Almost after an hour had passed, Nidhi was analysing the crucial data to discuss with the team, Aarav called up complaining about his sports accessories and urging her to bring them over right then. Nidhi, being over occupied, was furious. Still she answered calmly to get that by the evening. Nidhi thought that now she could focus not aware of the tantrums her kids were ready to throw at her.

Nidhi was in a meeting when her phone flashed stating that Saurabh was calling her. He complained that the kids were disturbing him during work, but same was the case with Nidhi. Was anyone there to understand her issues, her challenges to answer everyone’s complaint back at home yet delivering her best.

I am sure that 95% of we women whether working / housewives are facing the same issue.

Kids become fussy eaters. Restricting food and not eating can become extreme—and even harm their health.

  • Kids can always be demanding. But how far it is appropriate to fulfill their never ending demands?
  • Kids are at times challenging. It’s really tough to deal with the challenges sometimes going out of our reach.
  • Kids are truly judgemental. They easily looking down upon their mother’s as if their mothers don’t mean to be respected.

Don’t we women need some respect?

Don’t we need love from our kids?

Don’t we go through emotional traumas?

What about a single mother who is fulfilling all her responsibilities of a father and a mother both? She also goes through the same trauma.

Have we educated our kids enough to understand the real life challenges?

Have the families understood the problems of a mother, the emotional conscience, the physical challenges?

No doubt, many visionaries out there have already discussed upon this issue. But have we come across a real solution that could benefit all?

Let’s think again…!!!

Public Relation officer
Jyotiswarmin Welfare Society

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