‘COUNSELLING’ – Is it really important???

Counselling? Really? Are you sure you are seeking a counsellor? What’s the matter? Is everything alright? Are you mentally troubled?

Most of you go to the gym to strengthen your body muscles having biceps, triceps and what not. We even go to a doctor for any kind of illness or imbalance in body. But when it comes to mental strength or mental imbalance issues, why are we so judgmental? We start comprehending one’s problems without actually analysing his/her real issues, their surroundings, how tolerant they have been in the past, what all have gone through.

First and foremost thing is, ‘What is Counselling’? Putting it in simple words, Counselling is a process where an individual, couple or family meet with the trained professional counsellor to talk about their issues and problems that they are facing in their lives. Counselling is not bounded by age. A small child, a teenager, a youngster, an adult or an aged all need counselling during different walks of life for all their difficulties faced.

Counselling does not signify, “I need HELP..!!!” It means that you need support. Emotional breakdown is the time when you need support the most. People are many a times unable to handle rejections, anger, loneliness, loss of job, loss of their loved ones and above all divorce. They turn so negative that they start facing mindstorms, anxiety attacks, nightmares and so on. People turn towards depression, mental imbalance and if not cured in time, situations can be quite hazardous. They take help of heavy medication or alcohol and will always show that they are very normal just like us but we may never be able to understand that what storms they have hidden in their hearts.

When you feel that the internal war you are going through cannot be discussed with family or friends, you might torment yourself. It will ruin your life.

This is the time you need a counsellor. You can speak out what’s on your mind to the counsellor without filters. You won’t be worried of burdening someone else with your problems.

Visiting a counselor is a work of great zeal. But once you do, you will feel entitled of your emotions

There’s a difference between a counsellor and a psychologist. The former highlights the emotional and intellectual experience whereas the latter helps to become conscious of experiences you were unaware of.

Remember, we all have the power to heal ourselves, to calm our mind and soul. Everyone has gone through ups and downs when they needed help. But some are strong enough to come out of the situation themselves with their strong will power. On the other hand, some are weak and unable to do so. But that’s perfectly fine. Don’t let anyone judge you for the fact that you are seeking a counsellor. Instead, be courageous to take the right step. After all, it’s your life and you have to take the ownership of your difficulties.

Remember to speak out your mind. Your problems will vanish in just a blink of an eye.


Public Relation officer
Jyotiswarmin Welfare Society
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